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"Hot spot" means a limited and definable local land area, stretch of surface water or specific aquifer that is subject to excessive pollution and necessitates priority attention in order to prevent or reduce the actual or potential adverse impacts on human health, ecosystems or natural resources and amenities of economic importance (Revised LBS Protocol to the Bucharest Convention, 2009).

For years, keeping the Black Sea environment healthy with all its ecosystem goods and services functioning at a time when economic recovery and further development are also being pursued has been considered to be a priority challenge for all Black Sea coastal states. Yet, most of the environmental problems in the Black Sea have not been effectively addressed.

Moreover, being of transboundary character, the Black Sea environmental problems cannot be efficiently managed by individual states. Recognising the need for cooperation, harmonisation of approaches to environmental protection management and transparency, the partners of the HBS Project deal with one of the most sensitive issues in the Black Sea region – Hot Spots.

The successful implementation of the HBS Project, through the strong partnership of highly professional organizations from five Black Sea coastal states, contributes to enhancing the regional cooperation in environmental protection of the Black Sea, and directly adds to measures aimed at improvement of the Black Sea status in a sustainable manner.


The List of the Project Deliverables includes important reports on:

The Project prepared:

The project prepared a special questionnaire to collect information on LBS monitoring and management in the project beneficiary countries.
HotSpots Questionnaire

In building the project ownership, visibility and public awareness, the Project organized national inception meetings in each beneficiary country.
Report on the Inception meetings

The Project leaflet was produced in English and the national languages of the beneficiary countries.
Project Leaflet ENG, BG, GE, RO, TR, UA

Project posters, banner, logo.

Project final booklet.

The Dissemination Plan of the Project enlists major activities related to communication and coordination with stakeholders, distribution of project results and increase in public awareness.
Dissemination Plan

The project organised Investment Planning Training in Istanbul, Turkey (November 2013).
Investment Planning Training
Note: for the Training on the HotSpots Methodology and HSs Database go to Events/gallery.

First Stakeholder Meeting of the project took place in Odessa, Ukraine (January 2014).
Technical Report
Note: for the Second Stakeholders meeting go to Events/gallery.

Project newsletters.
N 1, N 2.

Guides for Living Black Sea.
Educational brochure for children: EngBGGEROTRUA.
Educational movies for children in Turkish language with English subtitles: For 5-8th classes, For 9-12th classes.
BATs Guideline for Selected Industries.
Public Organizations Guidelines (ENG, GE).
Economic Instruments Compendium.

Project publications.

Project essential maps compilation.